Ex HMAS Canberra Terms and Conditions | Australian Diving Instruction

Ex HMAS Canberra Terms and Conditions

  •  All divers must comply with basic code of conduct practices.
  • Must have dived within 12mths
  • Must have history of diving in similar conditions or have conducted cold water orientation
  • Maybe under direct supervision from an approved Instructor or Dive Leader
  •  All divers requiring redundant gas must have prior experience carrying gas or must be orientated for its usage with an approved dive leader.
  •  No penetration of the wreck without an overhead environment ticket or has a history of penetrating sites ie. J4 or others around the world.


Certification Logged Dives Max Depth Orientation Dives Penetration Redundant gas
OW <25 18 1 no no
OW >25 18 0 no no
ADV <25 30 1 no no
ADV <25 30 1 no no
OW with wreck <50 18 2 yes max 18m no
OW with wreck >50 18 1 yes max 18m no
ADV+ with wreck <50 30 2 yes yes
ADV+ with wreck >50 30 1 yes yes
Basic Tech+ >50 30 0 yes yes
Deep Cavern+ >50 30 0 yes yes
Advanced Wreck >50 30 0 yes yes